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Who Holds Superior Rights, And Where Is All That Water Going?

By Aubrey Bettencourt In the regulatory realm, responsible due process follows a simple path: Legislation creates a statute granting authority; that authority sets regulation and conforming orders; violations of orders result in a notice; notice leads to demonstration of wrongdoing; and wrongdoing leads to punishment. Within this framework, courts interpret how the players conduct themselves.... Read More

California may have finally figured out how to fix workers’ compensation

By Kathy Robertson, Senior Staff Writer Sacramento Business Journal Workers’ compensation costs have dropped for employers since reforms took effect in 2013 — and payments to injured workers have increased, a new report by state regulators concludes. In May, the Department of Insurance adopted advisory premium rates that are 10.2 percent less than the average approved... Read More

Following Scandal, Irvine City Council Shows How To Run, and Fix Government

by Katy Grimes Conservatives on the Irvine City Council have abolished a million dollar business license tax, to reduce the taxes levied on local businesses. This move followed the council’s recent vote overturning the city’s mandated “living wage” ordinance. Mayor Pro-Tem Jeffrey Lalloway authored the issue, with votes in support from council members Christina Shea and... Read More

Brown Wants Tax Hike for Roads

By Jon Fleischman Last week, after a minor kabuki dance between Governor Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats in the state legislature, a deal was struck: California has a new state budget that weighs in at a record-setting $115.4 billion. Or, put another way, California taxpayers this year are providing more funds for state government... Read More

Big Money Talks in California Politics

By David Crane Everyone knows about the pharmaceutical companies, defense contractors and other financial interests that dominate political spending in Washington, D.C. Because federal spending provides a big share of those businesses’ revenues, it’s not surprising they spend heavily for a Congress sympathetic to their interests. But fewer know about the financial interests that dominate... Read More