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STA Letter to Mayor and City Council Re: Double Dippers

Dear Mayor Steinberg and City Councilmembers,                             January 4, 2017     As President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, we ask that you put off consideration of the proposed employment agreements between the city and Mike McKeever, as an interim chief of staff to the mayor, and Jerry Way, as an interim assistant to interim city manager... Read More

SacTax Ballot Initiatives Cheat Sheet – updated*

The Ballot Propositions Cheat Sheet Proposition 51: $9 Billion School Bond Funding- No Proposition 52: Medi-cal Hospital Fee- Yes Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds Over $2 Million Requires Voter Authorization- Yes Proposition 54: Requires Legislature to Publish Legislation and Broadcast Proceedings- Yes Proposition 55: Twelve Year Tax Extension of Prop 30 “Temporary Tax Increase”- No Proposition... Read More