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There is no loophole in Proposition 13

By Jon Coupal and Patricia Bates | For decades, California progressives have complained about a “loophole” in Proposition 13 that unfairly benefits the owners of commercial real estate to the detriment of homeowners. This characterization has been widely accepted by the mainstream media with little critical analysis. There is no loophole in Prop. 13. There is,... Read More

Invalid Property Tax Assessments Remain Unpaid to Thousands of Property Owners in Carmichael

The link to the application for assessment refund: Carmichael-RPD-Asmt-Refund-Application-8-9-16-1   The following is a copy of the letter sent to all Sacramento County Supervisors regarding: Refunds to Carmichael Taxpayers – Sacramento County Taxpayers Association, et al v. County of Sacramento, Carmichael Recreation and Park District, et al, Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2014-80001869. Sacramento County Supervisors... Read More

Sacto Taxpayers Association Bestows Annual Golden Fleece Awards

The Sacramento Taxpayers Association held its Fourth Annual GOLDEN FLEECE AWARDS at the STA Annual Dinner April 18, 2018.  Golden Fleece Awards are bestowed upon public officials, governmental agencies and organizations for their “wasteful, ridiculous, or ironic use of taxpayers’ money.” As the President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, I wanted us to carry the torch for the... Read More

California Legislature abandons middle class

Does anyone honestly think that the California Legislature’s complete abandonment of the middle class is unrelated to the state’s highest-in-the-nation poverty rate? This past week presented a stark contrast in the Golden State. First, the controller reported state tax proceeds from all categories are exceeding budget projections. Specifically, the state brought in almost $9 billion... Read More