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Look for the Union Label

By Jon Coupal Because of Proposition 13, the unions representing California’s government employees — employees that are the highest paid in all 50 states according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — have a huge stake in who is elected to the state Legislature. While most Californians are aware that Proposition 13 limits increases in... Read More

Taking it out on the little guy

By Jon Coupal Gov. Jerry Brown has declared that opposition to efforts to reduce carbon emissions “borders on the immoral.” Hesitate though we might to debate Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, on the nature of divine law, we have to question the “morality” of forcing working California motorists to bear the brunt of the cost... Read More

Chutzpah Award

By Jon Coupal If an award were given for political chutzpah, members of the California Legislature would win hands down. An example of chutzpah – a word whose synonyms include “insolence”, “cheek” and “gall” — would be an expensive restaurant adding a 25 percent tip to the bill after providing poor and insulting service. Don’t... Read More

Bill Gives Special Privileges To ALRB Lawyer

By Katy Grimes The epitome of special interest legislation was recently introduced, but the special interest is state government. “Sacramento’s Worst Boss” may be carrying legislation for Sacramento’s worst state employee. Assemblywomen Nora Campos, D-San Jose, has authored legislation on behalf of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board General Counsel, to grant the general counsel unheard-of authority. AB... Read More
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