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The Sacramento Taxpayers Association is a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to promoting efficient, economical government, and fair and equitable taxation which permits a strong, healthy economy, sensible balance and rational control of government expenditures.


This year marks the 58th year since the Sacramento Taxpayers Association was founded.

SacTax is a member-supported, 501(c) 4 non-profit corporation, with the mission to bring about more accountable, effective, efficient, reliable government. Basing its actions on common sense, innovation, and the long-term view, SacTax crafts positions based on adopted values. Founded in 1961, SacTax is the watchdog and guard dog protecting the interests of taxpayers in the Sacramento Region.

The Sacramento Taxpayers Association has played a major role in community taxpayer issues for more than five decades. Our members research tax issues, utility rates, and bond measures, and monitor the City and County annual budgets. When we have concerns about local government effectiveness, we contact elected officials and local media, and frequently testify at public hearings and meetings in support of taxpayer-related issues.

SacTax is non-profit and non-partisan, and accepts no government funds. our membership and board members are a diverse group of business, industrial, and professional organizations, as well as independent local citizens concerned with the community and the most effective use of local tax dollars.