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SacTax Ballot Initiatives Cheat Sheet – updated*

The Ballot Propositions Cheat Sheet

Proposition 51: $9 Billion School Bond Funding- No

Proposition 52: Medi-cal Hospital Fee- Yes

Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds Over $2 Million Requires Voter Authorization- Yes

Proposition 54: Requires Legislature to Publish Legislation and Broadcast Proceedings- Yes

Proposition 55: Twelve Year Tax Extension of Prop 30 “Temporary Tax Increase”- No

Proposition 56: Cigarette and Vaping Tax Increase- No

Proposition 57: Early Release of 25,000 Felons from Prison- No

Proposition 58: Reinstate Bilingual Education- No

Proposition 59: Advisory Vote to Repeal Citizen’s United Case involving campaign contributions- No

Proposition 60: Require Adult Film Starts to Wear Condoms- No

Proposition 61: Ties State Drug Purchases to the Price paid by Veterans Administration- No

Proposition 62: Repeals Death Penalty- No

Proposition 63: Prohibits the possession of large capacity ammunition Magazines and requires background check and fee to purchase ammunition – No

Proposition 64: Legalizes Marijuana- No

Proposition 65: Redirects money collected from carryout bags at stores to Wildlife Conservation Board- Yes

Proposition 66: Streamlines Death Penalty Statute- Yes

Proposition 67: Bans Plastic Grocery bags- No

In depth analysis of the statewide Ballot Initiatives is HERE


Local Ballot Initiatives – Sacramento County

Measure B: Sacramento County Transportation Sales Tax — No
Measure C: City of Isleton City Services Transactions and Use Tax  – No
Measure D: Roseville Joint Unified School District Bond Issue  – No
Measure E: Galt Joint Union High School District Bond Issue  – Neutral
Measure G: Sacramento City Unified School District Bond Issue  – No
Measure J: Cordova Recreation and Park Community Facilities District Recreation and Parks Parcel Tax  – No
Measure K: Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Bond Issue  – Neutral
Measure L: City of Sacramento Independent Redistricting Commission  – YES*
Measure M: Elk Grove Unified School District Bond Issue  – No
Measure P: San Juan Unified School District Bond Issue  – No
Measure Q: Arden Manor Recreation and Park District Parcel Tax  – No



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