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$3 Billion in Annual Taxes; $31.9 Billion in tax-Increasing bonds, local ballots

From HJTA:

California’s local governments have placed 427 measures on the ballot that are taxes or bonds that will increase taxes.  For more about these click here.

This November, voters will face $3 Billion in Annual Taxes and $31.9 Billion in tax-Increasing bonds on local ballots. The California Taxpayers Association has issued a comprehensive report showing the 228 tax measures along with the 193 bonds that would dramatically increase annual property taxes.http://www.caltax.org/research/November 2016 Local Taxes – 20160919.pdf

Additionally, Richard Michael provides details about the 184 local school bonds as well as tips on defeatng these measures. (The views expressed on his Big Bad Bonds website are his own.)http://www.bigbadbonds.com/CALBONDS/big-bad-bonds-on-november-2016-ballot.cfm

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