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Vote NO on Measure B: Don’t Double The Tax, Sacramento

Potholes. Congestion. Pollution. Danger.

Everyone who drives a car, rides a bus or train, walks, or bicycles knows the reality of getting around in Sacramento County. We need a common-sense approach to fixing these problems. We voters are already paying a special sales tax that we were told would improve things, so why are we being asked to support a new tax, a double tax, that continues the same-old, same-old failed policies?


Everyone agrees that Sacramento County needs better roads and transit. But Measure B isn’t a comprehensive transportation plan for addressing our transportation needs.  Instead, it’s a patch-work scheme developed by politicians and their cronies that will lead to more congestion and will fund the wrong kind of transit spending, while imposing higher taxes on vulnerable low and middle-income families. Measure B would double the Measure A sales tax – raising it to a full 1% – while increasing our overall sales tax to 8.5% (county) and 9% (Sacramento city).

This $3.6 billion, 30-year sales tax hike would fund ill-conceived expansions of light rail to far flung, less dense, less walkable areas. A $1 billion expansion of light rail to the airport would add a few new customers.  But it won’t deliver what transit customers want and need: frequent, fast service and more accessible stations.

The tax hike is also expected to fund an unneeded $195 million streetcar line in Downtown Sacramento – even though local voters overwhelming rejected a proposal to fund the streetcar just last year.  A nationally recognized transit expert calls the streetcar “largely an amusement ride for tourists.”  Who wants it?  Politically connected Downtown and West Sacramento developers – who want you to subsidize their projects.

Typical county households experienced a 12% drop in real income since 2007, according to U.S. Census data.  Nevertheless, politicians want hard-pressed Sacramentans to double the current Measure A tax from ½% to a full 1%.  They don’t mention that the current Measure A tax is already generating more revenue each year for transportation spending.

Send a strong message to the politicians: stop corporate welfare and come up with a smarter, fairer, less expensive plan to fix our roads and meet our transit needs.   Don’t double the tax.  Vote NO on Measure B.

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  1. George Spatz

    Sorry our roads are in horrible condition and I will be voting yes. Anyone who votes against measure B is very short sighted. Please read the facts of what this measure does to improve our quality of life.

    1. admin

      The money from Measure A has been squandered – that is why our roads are in horrible condition. How does providing more money to unaccountable city officials fix the roads – all of this money will go to Regional Transit pension debt – it says so right in the measure.

      1. Stan Sorensen

        You certainly are an uninformed cretin. The money for Measure A has been consistently used to apply repairs to our failing transportation infrastructure. It has NOT been squandered. Obviously, the only thing around here that WAS squandered was your education. This money will not all go to Regional Transit pension debt. The amount of lies you spew forth is amazing.

        1. admin

          Mr. Sorensen, as a county employee you really should be more thoughtful with your comments. Perhaps offering up examples of how the annual $120 million Measure A tax money is used would educate our readers. Or how the $3 billion Measure A brings in over its remaining 23 years will be used….

          Why aren’t the roads repaired and maintained?

          That might be a more relevant conversation.
          Katy Grimes, President, Sacramento Taxpayers Assoc.

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