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ARGUMENT AGAINST Sacramento City Unified School District MEASURE G

The Sacramento Taxpayers Association wrote the ballot argument against Measure G


VOTE NO until Sacramento City Unified School District proposes a measure with a prioritized Project List; guaranteeing specific projects at specific sites with achievable budgets for each. The promised citizens’ oversight committee can’t ensure accountability without it.

Why hasn’t the Sacramento City Unified School District dedicated sufficient non‐bond dollars maintaining and improving existing facilities? They’ve been receiving the same federal money as other Sacramento County school districts, who are using the federal money for these exact projects.

It’s a management problem — Not a money problem. SCUSD is proposing another bond because they can; because it’s an election year, and they believe they can soak the vogters once again.

This is a $75 tax for six years, on top of what taxpayers already are paying: from the 2012 SCUSD Measure Q, a $346 million school bond, and Measure R, a $68 million school bond, for a total of $414 million.

Sacramento City Unified School District has more than $427 million in General Obligation Bonds, and $11,017,678 in Capital Appreciation bonds. The Lease Revenue is more than $72 million.

How much more must taxpayers contribute? We all love school kids but think with your head and wallet—not your heart.

SCUSD District officials estimate that Sacramento City Unified needs more than $700 million to fully pay for the health benefits promised to its workers and retirees, based on the latest actuarial data.

This is where the Measure G money will actually be going – not to “expand programs for early intervention and tutoring services for students at risk of falling behind or dropping out;” or “ to support academic and arts enrichment, to provide specialized training for teachers, counselors and other school personnel.”

Federal money to schools increased, as did state funding in total resources. Every district has received increases in money from the state. The district is benefitting from rapid state funding gains. Why is another bond needed?

This is snake oil crafted by an unscrupulous alliance of Wall Street bond sellers, financial advisors, school and bond attorneys, architects, construction contractors and other “consultants” who will profit at your expense. Google: Orange County Register’s Bankers Push School Bonds C.A.S.H.

Look who’s financing the “Yes” campaign. There’s historical correlation between campaign contributors and who profits.

Google: Local School Bonds Big Donors Win Big Contracts.

Reject “PAY TO PLAY”! Google: Centinella school corruption.

The “Project List” for Measure G lists generic tasks without realistic budgets or any enforceable priority.

Because Measure G says ‘as needed,’ SCUSD can spend your bond dollars on pet projects while important ‘projects’ are left incomplete. Google Alpine high school Grossmont.


HERE is the link to the Registrar of Voters web page where the official summary, the text and all four ballot arguments on Measure G




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